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From the editor's desk in Round Rock, Texas, the first thing I would like to do is thank all the Java Enterprise authors at O'Reilly who were generous enough with their time to return and divulge their experiences. This book represents a logical next step for our Java publishing program, as many of our authors are now considered field experts in the areas they wrote about. And all of the authors have brought a wealth of knowledge that they have picked up ”not only by writing their own books, but also by talking to readers like you after their particular books were published. Thank you all.

On the personal side, I'd like to thank Mike Loukides, mentor and friend, who encouraged me to take on such an ambitious project with so many authors so quickly. I found myself brooding about how I would go about tackling this project at our booth at JavaOne 2002 (just before I got sick), and, as usual, Mike helped me see both the forest and the trees. He was also instrumental in getting me some medicine. As the author byline hints, this is not a typical O'Reilly book, but I think after reading it you'll agree that it meets O'Reilly's high standards.

Finally, I'd also like to pass my thanks to my wife, Michelle, who is always ready with a healthy dinner and a hug, even when I have to work late into the night. There's nothing quite like shutting down the computer at 8 P.M., coming out to watch some comedy on TV, and finding a nice, warm quesadilla waiting for me along with a family that wants to do nothing but relax and laugh .

"Surely, the best of times."

”Robert Eckstein

First, I'd like to thank my co-author David Czarnecki for convincing me to write yet another book. It's a lot of work and I wouldn't have had the motivation if it wasn't for David. I'd also like to thank Bob Eckstein for pulling this project together. It's not easy to get a bunch of scattered people to collaborate on a book like this and have it done in record time. My acknoweldgments would not be complete without thanking my wife Marie, who continues to support me through all my crazy antics. Finally, I'd like to dedicate this book to my mother Rochelle Solomons.

”Andy Deitsch

There are a number of people I would like to acknowledge for their direct and indirect support and understanding in writing our chapter: Anthony, Lorraine, and Pam Czarnecki; Chad Morrison; Jim and Donna Morrison; Joel, Nancy, Amanda, Korey, Jordan, and Brandon Morrison; and Jeff, Stacey, Joseph, and Emily Baker. I would also be remiss if I did not acknowledge my colleagues at GE Global Research, in particular, Rick Arthur, Marc Garbiras, and Dan Morrill.

Finally, I would like to dedicate our chapter to Joseph James Baker and Emily Anna Baker. I have learned a great deal from the both of you in such a short time. These include, but are not limited to: the tractor is a definitive piece of farm equipment even if you refuse to acknowledge it by name , and you can never have too many shoes. But most importantly, I have learned how much fun it can be to have a picnic in front of a refrigerator eating cheese and olives.

”David Czarnecki

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