8.3 Common Errors

The most common errors that can afflict Windows networking systems include:

  • Incorrect IP address.

  • Incorrect or inconsistent netmasks .

  • Incorrect router address.

  • Incorrect DNS server address.

  • Incorrect WINS server address.

  • Use of a Network Scope setting ” watch out for this one!

The most common reasons for which a Windows NT/200x/XP Professional client cannot join the Samba controlled domain are:

  • smb.conf does not have correct add machine script settings.

  • " root " account is not in password backend database.

  • Attempt to use a user account instead of the " root " account to join a machine to the domain.

  • Open connections from the workstation to the server.

  • Firewall or filter configurations in place on either the client or on the Samba server.

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