37.4 Windows 9598

37.4 Windows 95/98

When using Windows 95 OEM SR2, the following updates are recommended where Samba is being used. Please note that the above change will effect you once these updates have been installed.

There are more updates than the ones mentioned here. You are referred to the Microsoft Web site for all currently available updates to your specific version of Windows 95.

Kernel Update: KRNLUPD.EXE




Redirector Update: VRDRUPD.EXE

Also, if using MS Outlook, it is desirable to install the OLEUPD.EXE fix. This fix may stop your machine from hanging for an extended period when exiting Outlook and you may notice a significant speedup when accessing network neighborhood services.

37.4.1 Speed Improvement

Configure the Windows 95 TCP/IP registry settings to give better performance. I use a program called MTUSPEED.exe that I got off the Internet. There are various other utilities of this type freely available.

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