23.4 Creating and Managing Group Profiles

23.4 Creating and Managing Group Profiles

Most organizations are arranged into departments. There is a nice benefit in this fact since usually most users in a department require the same desktop applications and the same desktop layout. MS Windows NT4/200x/XP will allow the use of Group Profiles. A Group Profile is a profile that is created first using a template (example) user. Then using the profile migration tool (see above), the profile is assigned access rights for the user group that needs to be given access to the group profile.

The next step is rather important. Instead of assigning a group profile to users (Using User Manager) on a " per user " basis, the group itself is assigned the now modified profile.



Be careful with Group Profiles. If the user who is a member of a group also has a personal profile, then the result will be a fusion (merge) of the two.

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