Section 15.7. IDEALX Management Console

15.7. IDEALX Management Console

IMC (the IDEALX Mamagement Console) is a tool that can be used as the basis for a comprehensive web-based management interface for UNIX and Linux systems.

The Samba toolset is the first console developped for IMC. It offers a simple and ergonomic interface for managing a Samba domain controler. The goal is to give Linux administrators who need to manage production Samba servers an effective, intuitive and consistent management experience. An IMC screenshot of the user management tool is shown in Figure 15.12.

Figure 15.12. The IMC Samba User Account Screen

IMC is built on a set of Perl modules. Most modules are standard CPAN modules. Some are bundled with IMC, but will soon to be hosted on the CPAN independently, like Struts4P, a port of Struts to the Perl language.

For further information regarding IMC refer to the web site.[4] Prebuilt RPM packages are also available.[5]

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