Reader Aids

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This book contains several types of Reader Aid paragraphs that help you iden tify certain types of information. The following paragraphs describe the pur pose of some of the Reader Aid items you will see.


Notes tell you interesting facts that dont necessarily affect your ability to use the other information in the book. We use notes to give you bits of information weve picked up while creating the pro gramming examples or researching the information in this book.


Tips help you learn new ways of performing tasks you might not have thought about before. They can also provide an alternative way of performing tasks that you might like better than the first approach we provide. In most cases, youll find newsgroup and Web site URLs in tips as well. These URLs are especially important because they usu ally lead to products or information that help you perform tasks faster.


Cautions almost always tell you about some kind of system or data damage thatll occur if you perform a certain action (or fail to perform others). The caution icon means watch out! Make sure you understand a caution thoroughly before you follow any instructions that come after it.

team lib

COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
ISBN: 0735618755
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Year: 2006
Pages: 140

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