Chapter 4: Windows .NET DNS Server


This chapter deals with various aspects of Microsoft DNS Server installation and configuration and covers two product versions: Windows 2000 DNS Server and Windows .NET DNS Server. Most of the things considered can be applied to both products (in such a case, we will call them the Microsoft DNS Server); the differences, if they exist, are explicitly stated. (Windows NT 4.0 DNS Server is only mentioned in the section "Configuring Windows 2000/.NET DNS Server for Use with Legacy DNS.")

The DNS service is mandatory for Active Directory, and you should be familiar with all DNS requirements within an Active Directory environment, which have been discussed in detail in Chapter 3, "Domain Name System (DNS) as Main Naming Service". You can skip this section if DNS service has already been deployed in your network and configured accordingly. Some DNS specific problems will also be considered in Chapter 5, "Installing Active Directory."

This chapter also contains an example of using a legacy DNS system (that, for example, does not support SRV resource records and updatable DNS zones) for deploying Active Directory.

Windows  .NET Domains & Active Directory
Windows .NET Server 2003 Domains & Active Directory
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