Appendix A: Web Links

Sometimes, the links on the Microsoft website are changed due to site reconstruction. If this occurs, you can search the site contents for the appropriate key words (for example, for a utility's name or document's title).

Do not be confused about the fact that there are many links on Windows 2000; a lot of its information is still relevant for Windows .NET.


  • Microsoft Help and Support

    The main support resource and the starting point for searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base — you can find an article by its number, e.g. Q265706. In the Windows .NET environment, you can search for KB articles directly from the Help and Support Center (provided that connectivity exists with the Internet):

  • Windows Resource Kits (include Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation and Windows 2000 Resource Kits):

  • Windows 2000 Server Resource Kits documentation:

  • Windows 2000 Resource Kit Sample Chapters:

  • Windows 2000 Server Home page:

  • Deployment Planning Guide:

  • Active Directory Branch Office Planning Guide:

  • Windows Resource Kits — Web Resources (a number of links on various topics):

  • Technical Resources (links to sets of technical information sorted into the phases you will pass through as you use Windows 2000 — Planning and Deployment; Step-by-Step Guides; How it Works, and so on):

  • TechNet Online (one of the main web links for a Windows administrator):

  • Windows 2000 page on TechNet:

  • Windows 2000 Downloads (Service Packs; Updates; Tools and Utilities, and so on):

  • Microsoft Download Center (from here, you can find any utility, for example, DCdiag.exe, NetDiag.exe, schemadoc.exe, etc.):

  • Active Directory Client Extensions for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT Workstation 4.0:

  • Active Directory Client Extensions for NT Workstation 4.0:

  • ADMT 1.0 (2,543 Kb):

  • Domain Rename Tool (with documentation; for Windows .NET only):

  • Group Policy Registry Table (the table that displays the Group Policy settings in the Administrative Templates folder and the registry entries that they change):

  • Free Tool Downloads (from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit, include GPOTool.exe, GPResult.exe, DumpFSMOs.cmd, KerbTray.exe, etc.):

    • Windows 2000 Support Tools: DCdiag.exe Utility Update:

    • Windows 2000 Support Tools: NetDiag.exe Update:

  • Windows 2000 Server Resource Kits' documentation:

  • Public newsgroups (on


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