Who This Book Will Benefit

This book is primarily written for project managers who are responsible for IT projects. However, because the management tools and techniques are applicable to any project, anyone responsible for projects, particularly projects with multiple interfaces and system integration requirements, will benefit from this study.

The book is written primarily for the beginning project manager, but at a level and organization so that more experienced project managers will find new ideas and tips for better managing their projects. It will also serve as a good review for all project managers who have an interest in sharpening their skills or who are preparing to take the Project Management Institute (PMI) certification examination.

This book will also benefit functional and other senior managers who are striving to develop a project-oriented organization. There are numerous tips and suggestions throughout the book for structuring support processes and the guidelines required for successful project management.

Managing Information Technology Projects
Managing Information Technology Projects: Applying Project Management Strategies to Software, Hardware, and Integration Initiatives
ISBN: 0814408117
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 129
Authors: James Taylor

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