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F (forward) command, Pine  
fg command   2nd  
file transfer protocol (FTP)  
       spaces in  
       wildcards in  
files   2nd  
       accessing from other operating systems  
        accidentally overwriting with output redirection  
       appending another file to  
       commands getting input from  
       commands sending output to   2nd  
       completing name while typing  
       copying between computers  
       creating and editing   [See I/O redirection text editors word processors]
       displaying portion of  
       executable, indicated in listings  
        group owner of  
       modification date of  
       owner of   2nd  
       pathname for  
       permissions for   2nd   3rd   4th  
       PostScript   2nd  
       prepending another file to  
       printing   2nd  
       saving session as  
       searching contents of  
       size of   2nd  
       type of  
       with resources, copying  
filesystem   2nd  
filters   2nd  
find command  
Finder application  
       directory names in  
       dragging files or directories to window  
       filenames in  
       files not visible in  
       files, accessing  
       Force Quit option   2nd  
       home directory, accessing  
       iDisk, mounting  
       root directory, accessing  
       setting permissions  
       shared directories, mounting  
finger command  
fink install command  
fink list command   2nd  
Fink project   2nd  
       ghostscript package and  
       graphical user interface for  
       packages for   2nd   3rd  
FinkCommander application  
folders   [See directories]
        color of  
Force Quit option   2nd  
foreground process, moving background processes to  
forward slash (/)
       in pathname  
       indicating directory in listing  
       indicating root directory   2nd  
       starting pattern in vi   2nd  
frozen session  
FTP (file transfer protocol)  
ftp command   2nd  
FTP server, accessing  
functions, shell  

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