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D (delete) command, Pine  
d$ command, vi  
d0 command, vi  
d1G command, vi  
Darwin project   2nd   3rd  
DarwinPorts project  
dash (-)
       in command line  
       indicating plain file in listing  
date command   2nd   3rd  
dd command, vi   2nd  
Delete key  
df command  
dG command, vi   2nd  
dir command, ftp  
directly executable programs  
       completing name while typing  
        group owner of  
       hierarchical structure of  
       home directory   2nd  
       indicated in listings  
       links to  
       modification date of  
       naming   2nd  
       owner of   2nd  
       parent directory  
       pathname for  
       permissions for   2nd   3rd   4th  
       root directory   2nd  
       shared among users  
       shared directories  
       size of   2nd  
       wildcards in name of  
       working directory   [See working directory]
       external, listing  
       free space on, calculating  
Display settings in Terminal Inspector  
documentation   [See also books; web sites]
       man command  
       on the Internet  
dollar sign ($)
       at end of prompt   2nd  
       command, vi  
dollar sign, double ($$), PID of current shell  
dot (.), indicating working directory  
dot dot (..), indicating parent directory  
Down Arrow key  
DropScript utility (Sanchez)  
du command  
dw command, vi   2nd  

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