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C (compose) command, Pine  
C (Config) command, Pine  
c-. (cancel) command   2nd   3rd  
c-~ ( next window) command  
c-C (copy selection) command, X11  
c-D (find previous) command  
c-Down Arrow (down one line) command  
c-E (find with selection) command  
c-F (find in scroll buffer) command  
c-G (find next) command  
c-J (jump to selection) command  
c-N ( open window) command  
c-Q (quit) command, X11  
c-Up Arrow (up one line) command  
c-W (close window) command  
carriage returns  
       pasting newlines as  
cat command  
cd command  
cd command, ftp  
chgrp command  
child directories   [See subdirectories]
chmod command   2nd  
chown command  
colon (:)
       in filenames or directory names  
       prompt for less command  
Color settings in Terminal Inspector  
Command Key option, in title of window  
Command mode, vi  
       aliases for   2nd  
       AppleScript commands  
       arguments of  
       background, running command in   [See background process]
       canceling   2nd  
       case sensitivity of  
       ending input for   2nd   3rd  
       executing in configuration files  
       exiting shell while running  
       filename arguments of  
       filtering output of  
       foreground, moving command to  
       history number of, displaying in prompt  
       history of, navigating  
       input from a file  
       keyboard input to  
       multiple, entering on command line   2nd  
       options of   2nd  
       output as input of another command   2nd  
       output to a file   2nd  
       output to screen  
       pausing output from  
       programs started by, controlling  
       recalling previous commands  
       restarting after pausing  
       restarting after suspending  
       in scroll buffer   2nd  
       shell functions for  
       suspending   2nd  
       wrapping long lines of  
Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)  
configuration files   2nd   [See also . term files]
Connect To Server feature  
control characters , set encoding for  
Control-C (cancel)   2nd   3rd  
Control-D (end of input)   2nd   3rd  
Control-H (erase)  
Control-L (clear screen)  
Control-Q (restart)   2nd  
Control-S (pause)  
Control-U (erase line)  
Control-Z (suspend)   2nd  
copy command  
cp command   2nd   3rd   [See also rcp command; scp command]
CpMac command   2nd   3rd  
csh (C shell)  
CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)  
curl command  
current directory   [See working directory]
       color of  
       option click positioning for  
       shape of  

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