List of Figures

Chapter 7: Web and Internet Users

Figure 7-1: A graphically complex website in lynx http//
Figure 7-2: The site has changed, so the page is sent via email from changetrack

Chapter 8: Webmaster Hacks

Figure 8-1: The CGI runtime environment, from a shell script
Figure 8-2: Yahoo! search results appear, but the search was logged!
Figure 8-3: The Kevin & Kell web page, built on the fly
Figure 8-4: A typical user feedback form, already filled in
Figure 8-5: An instant online photo album created with 44 lines of shell script!
Figure 8-6: A guest book system, all in one neat shell script
Figure 8-7: Server-side includes let us invoke shell scripts from within HTML files

Chapter 9: Web and Internet Administration

Figure 9-1: A shell-script-based Apache password management system

Chapter 11: Mac OS X Scripts

Figure 11-1: Login window with Gareth's account included

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