A.1 Account Manager

A.1 Account Manager


A relevant BS degree. A masters degree is preferred. As an alternative to a masters, candidates with previous experience in IT may also qualify.


Generally, 10 “15 years of satisfactory performance in a related area and approximately 10 years of job experience to date. Experience should include exposure to commercial, administrative, or industrial work environments.


  • Approximately 10 years of job experience to date, including some involvement with service delivery in manufacturing and/or ISC.

  • Has demonstrated success as the leader of a technical staff engaged in at least one area of service delivery. Demonstrates competence in staff leadership and project leadership tasks .

  • Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of the organization's policy framework (including application, infrastructure, compute, and telecom), management structures, and reporting procedures for the service delivery environment.

  • Possesses up-to-date knowledge of hardware and software. Can describe all aspects of the operational and developmental environments within the organization.

Performance Expectations

  • Takes responsibility for a team or teams of technical staff involved in one or more of the following tasks:

    • efficiently providing the agreed service levels for daily/routine requests taken at any significant combination of batch or on-line facilities

    • operating and maintaining significant computer and communications networks

    • designing procedures for maintaining user security, recovering and restarting (from disaster), and controlling incidental/problem control

    • developing, testing, installing, and maintaining operational or developmental environments

    • providing user services, support, and guidance in an operational, departmental, or personal computing environment

    • controlling changes affecting IT systems, services, or facilities

    • conducting research and development work to increase and improve IT facilities and services

  • Accurately forecasts future requirements for service delivery resources, including staff, equipment, services, funds, and time. Ensures that assigned resources are properly utilized and accounted for and that up-to-date information on the use of resources is maintained .

  • Directs subordinate staff and fosters positive attitudes among staff on quality and safety to ensure that delivered service meets agreed service levels. Monitors and evaluates quality of performance and product from all work within scope of responsibility. Briefs staff on their individual and team performance.

  • Selects and applies appropriate planning tools to accurately estimate and plan the work of teams or project groups within agreed policies. Produces work plans according to required standards. Works with colleagues to produce/recommend/develop long- term plans for operational and support areas.

  • Matrix manages cross-functional suppliers: contracts, third-party consultants , etc., in delivering solutions.

  • Monitors and reports on the progress of the resolution of high impact problems according to established standards. Handles those exceptions that have been referred from below relating to schedules, working methods , resources, staff matters, or technical difficulties. Passes decisions clearly outside scope upwards, including proposed solutions whenever appropriate.

  • Conducts technical interviews and individual assessments for the recruitment and selection of IT staff. Manages the training and development of staff members so that the development of individuals benefits both the organization and the individual concerned .

  • Maintains knowledge of hardware, software, organizational policies, and organizational management structures and uses this knowledge to advise on and justify their current use. Advises on and justifies proposed configuration specifications, strategic plans, and tactical plans, affecting service delivery.

  • Writes and speaks fluently on all aspects of work. Communicates effectively with users/customers, colleagues 2 “3 levels up/down and across a range of disciplines, and all levels of management. Directly negotiates with and functions as a liaison between clients , users, and suppliers.

  • Develops and plans IT costs and accepts full accountability for all customers' IT, including annual planning processes for telecom, compute, infrastructure, new applications development and deployment, and applications support.

  • Acts professionally at all times and encourages professional standards among subordinate staff.

Training and Development

  • Obtains continuing training in those management skills needed to accept further responsibility for activities within service delivery. Particular emphasis should be placed on planning skills, risk management, safety-related issues, change control, financial management, and staff selection.

  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of IT that impacts the operational and developmental environments, particularly those aspects assisting productivity and service quality.

  • Obtains broad management and business training in those skill areas needed to function effectively in the environment of senior management.

  • Successfully completes trial experiences that involve those skills of higher competency required at the next level of advancement.

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