A.2 Oracle System Administrator (OSA)

A.2 Oracle System Administrator (OSA)


A relevant BS degree preferred. As an alternative, candidates with previous experience in IT may also qualify. The quality of the experience as demonstrated by achievement may compensate for lack of formal education.


Generally, one year of satisfactory performance in a related area and approximately one to two years of job experience to date. Experience should include exposure to commercial, administrative, or industrial work environments.


  • Demonstrates knowledge in the use of computer systems and an aptitude for computer work.

  • Demonstrates an authoritative and professional manner in telephone communication.

  • Adheres to procedures, maintains records, and demonstrates commitment to solving user problems.

  • Demonstrates a systematic, disciplined, and analytical approach to problem solving.

Performance Expectations

  • Service request management (help desk)

    • Accepts telephone calls from users who are requesting information or requesting services related to products, services, and facilities. Investigates complex situations to diagnose underlying causes and assists users in recovering or continuing operation.

    • Maintains accurate, consistent, and up-to-date records of all calls regarding user requests ; updates these records as problems are resolved and users notified.

    • Given a user request that cannot be directly resolved: refers request to the appropriate colleagues or service suppliers with the necessary diagnostic information.

    • Using personal judgment, applies guidelines to prioritize the resolution of user requests.

    • Monitors the progress of those problems referred to other colleagues or service suppliers and keeps users informed of progress through to resolution. Applies escalation procedures for problems not achieving satisfactory progress.

    • Provides users with information on IT system updates and known system errors.

    • Produces bulletins to inform users of changes in system availability, new facilities, and common problems.

    • Maintains an up-to-date database of common user requests, difficulties, and known solutions.

    • Monitors records of user requests to measure service levels and identify common problems needing management attention.

    • Provides level of service and metric reporting. Reviews the performance of the help desk against agreed upon service levels and its planned performance.

    • Recommends changes to immediate management to improve service levels provided by the help desk.

  • Establishes and maintains user profiles and accounts

    • Creation of new and maintenance of old accounts for UNIX, NT, and application accounts. Setup of account security. Account deletion. Assign UNIX groupings. Setup of application responsibilities, user menus , default printer. Reset passwords at UNIX, NT, application levels. Follow established security plans and processes.

  • Oracle application management

    • Provides tier II support to end customers. Investigates and resolves application alert messages. Investigates and resolves application processing errors and warnings.

    • Monitors for down concurrent mangers. Registers and configures printers within the application. Defines report sets. Defines data purges. Incorporates software customizations into application software.

  • Job scheduling and execution

    • Set up and maintain Oracle concurrent managers, application job schedules, and data interface processes.

    • Track the job schedules and their executions times. Maintain a database of jobs and schedules to be executed. Optimize the scheduling of jobs to increase throughput/performance and balance workloads. Restart abnormal job ends.

    • Publish overall job operational plan.

  • Client "new application" installs and deinstalls

    • Troubleshoots client-side problems associated with application access.

    • Installs/deinstalls client-side application software. Sets up and configures client for network connection to application software. Provides/sets up keyboard mapping for application software.

    • Tests client for connectivity to application server.

  • Provides server backups

    • Tape management within the tape silo.

    • Off-site tape storage, tracking, and retrieval.

    • Notification of failed backups. Immediate corrective action upon failure.

    • Backup schedule creation and maintenance.

  • Training support

    • Provide classroom training support. Arrange and set up classroom training facility. Coordinate the setup training database environments. Testing of all training workstations and PDS connections prior to class. Establish student login accounts.

    • Set up projection/training devices for instructor. Set up keyboard mappings as necessary.

    • Desk-side training support. New user startup training. Assist in workstation training. Provide and review training material validation.

  • Demonstrates a calm, rational, and organized approach to tasks when under pressure.

  • Takes full responsibility for the quality and timeliness of own work. Manages own time effectively to respond to user requests in a timely fashion and provides users with agreed levels of service.

  • Applies the given standards, procedures, and tools to accomplish work assigned. Produces all required documentation for tasks completed, according to established standards. Guides less experienced staff in the use of these standards, procedures, and tools.

  • Communicates in a clear, concise manner, both orally and in writing, with users/customers, colleagues, and immediate management regarding present issues, processes, solutions, and areas for improvement.

Training and Development

  • Attends ongoing or advanced courses in commercial and industrial business practices and terminology, particularly terminology and practices directly relevant to the activities of the user community being supported.

  • Attends ongoing training on those existing and newly introduced IT systems, products, services, hardware environments, and software environments supported by the help desk and used in service delivery processes.

  • Develops knowledge of any related specialty areas (e.g., quality control, problem management, change management, and software development needs).

  • Studies technique and IT concepts to increase knowledge and skills needed to support user (e.g., service level management and customer care).

  • Increases professional knowledge and awareness by reading and participating in technical activities outside of immediate employment.

  • Successfully completes trial experiences that involve those skills of higher competency required at the next level of advancement.

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