Chapter9.Queries, Part II

Chapter 9. Queries, Part II

This chapter focuses on several types of queries that can help you review and analyze your data. Parameter queries make it easy to quickly change criteria so you can retrieve the records for, say, Nevada instead of Nebraska. You use total queries to find sums, averages, and other aggregates. Crosstab queries are sophisticated total queries that help you break down data for easier analysis.

A fourth topic, action queries, is also included, although it's a slightly uncomfortable fit. Virginia Woolf told us that "A rose is a rose is a rose." But if she ever met an action query, I doubt she would say "A query is a query is a query." Unlike the select queries that are central to your day-to-day Access work, action queries perform some operation on your data, such as editing values or appending records to a table. Usually they are used on large numbers of records, although they can be applied in smaller databases as well.

With the possible exception of action queries, all the queries in this chapter should be enormously helpful in your work. Let's get to it.

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