How Should I Read This Book?

This book is designed to be read chapter by chapter, in order, from cover to cover. But I know readers have varied needs and limited time, and many will probably dip in and out of its pages. If you know little about relational databases, I encourage you to you read Chapters 14 before tackling other areas. These pages will give you the underpinning in relational database design that is necessary to work with Access successfully.

If you do read the book page by page in sequential order, you might find it useful to know that the subject matter of the rest of the book breaks down into primarily three parts. If I had to give these sections names, Chapters 56 would be titled "Building Tables and Getting Data into Them" Chapters 79, "Finding and Retrieving the Data You Need"; and Chapters 1012, "Building Forms and Reports." Chapters 13 and 14, which cover exporting/importing and pivot tables/charts, stand individually.

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Hands-On Microsoft Access: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Access Skills
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