Page Header and Footer

As you saw previously, the Page Header and Footer on the View menu hides and unhides these two sections. The controls you create in the page header and footer print, respectively, at the top and bottom of every page.

If you want to use just the header or the footer, there's an easy way to make the other exist in name only. You'll be using only the Page Footer here, so you'll show both sections and then hide the Page Header:


Click View to return to Design view.


Choose View, Page Header/Footer.


Right-click Page Header and choose Properties. On the Format tab, set Height at 0" and close the property sheet.

The Page Header is now simply a bar with no area. Now you'll use the Page Footer to display page numbers, one of its more common uses:


Choose Insert, Page Numbers.


In the Page Numbers dialog box, select Page N for the format and Bottom of Page for the position. Edit the alignment to Left. Show Number on First Page should be selected. Click OK.

These settings are purely for teaching purposes. You might want different choices for your own report.


Click View to see the report. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. The page number appears as Page 1.


Click the Next Page button. At the bottom of the page is Page 2.


Click View to return to Design view. Find the page number control in the Page Footer. As shown in Figure 10.5, there is an expression inside: ="Page " & [Page].

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