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recommended sites & software

people usually put this stuff in an appendix rather than including it in a chapter, but screw those people; these sites are cool.

  • my personal site:

    • shameless plug. i may make the code examples and any error corrections related to this book available at my site.

  • the jargon file:

    • created by eric s. raymond. if you want to study up more on the hacker's way of life and state of mind, this is the site to go to.

  • megatokyo:

    • one of the best geek web-comics out there.

  • hobby tron:

    • kits for electronics, robotics, science, and more.

  • terraserver:

    • use the advanced search to view a satellite picture of your own house!

  • /.:

    • interactive geek news, updated constantly.

  • ip address locator:

    • get the location of an ip address.

  • paypal:

    • hide money from your significant other.

  • ebay:

    • an internet auction site; sell your crap, or buy other peoples crap.

  • moblog:

    • this site allows you to start a photo blog using the pictures taken with a camera-phone.

some sites that i wish i had mentioned earlier (but was afraid to because of how rapidly the internet changes) can be found below. they may work; they may not. either way i felt these were worth mentioning.

  • zonealarm:

    • free firewall, if you're unhappy with the windows firewall.

  • spybot search & destroy:

    • free program to find and remove spywarez, adwarez, hijackers, etc.

  • clipboard magic:

    • normally when you copy & paste things, you're only allowed to copy one item at a time (a limitation of the windows clipboard). clipboard magic allows you to keep a history of copied items for easy retrieval, essentially allowing you to copy multiple things and then go back and paste an item from your history.

  • scite:

    • a really good open-source text editor; if notepad seems too dull this will add some color to your life.

  • actual transparent window:

    • cheap tool with free-trial that lets you make windows transparent in xp.

  • eraser:

    • free file eraser.

  • restoration:

    • free file recovery software.

  • resource hacker:

    • this is a freeware utility to view (modify, etc) icons, images, and other resource files (*.res) associated with the windows system.

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