working with notepad

open notepad (again), but this time say hello to your first text editor. you can use microsoft word to write documents, but notepad is better for code. click "format" in the menu and make sure "word wrap" is checked so that your sentences don't walk off of the screen. click "edit" and take note of your search options, as well as their associated key shortcuts. once your code gets to be several hundreds of lines long, it becomes very hard to find what you're looking for just by scrolling up and down. go ahead and type a sentence about anything, as i just want to cover one more key. if you use your mouse to click somewhere in the middle of the sentence, then press the "ins" or "insert" key, everything you type will begin to delete whatever is after it; pressing it again will stop the effect. i used to accidentally hit that key before i knew what it was, and thought it was just the computer playing with my head… i don't know why i just felt like telling you that.

every coder has a preferred text editor, but for starting out, notepad has everything you need. the main differences between other text editors and notepad is that other text editors offer text highlighting, where your code automatically follows color patterns to make things easier to read; folding, where you can collapse blocks of code kind of like a windows menu; and line numbering, where each line of code is visually numbered to help you debug (or find errors) if need be. in other words, notepad is every bit as useful without all the bells and whistles. a simple ctrl+g will take you to any line you want to go to, you could be color-blind, and folding isn't all that special anyway!

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