Accessing the ZENworks Control Center

The ZENworks Control Center is a comprehensive web management interface to your ZENworks Linux Management environment. During installation, the ZENworks Control Center is installed, configured, and started on port 80 of your server.

The ZENworks Control Center supports the Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 SP1 browsers.

Additionally, you must have the Java 1.4 web browser plug-ins to use the Remote Management feature in the ZENworks Control Center. Visit ( to obtain the 1.4 plug-in.

Access the ZENworks Control Center by opening a supported web browser to the following URL:


Replace zlmserver with the actual DNS name or IP address of your ZENworks server.


The ZENworks Control Center requires an https:// connection; requests to http:// are redirected to https://.

When prompted for login credentials, use the Administrator user with the password you provided during the installation.

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