Installing the Client Software on Managed Devices

Each client must meet the following requirements:


One of the following supported platforms:

  • SLES9 SP1 x86, Opteron, EM64T

  • Novell Linux Desktop SP1 x86, Opteron, EM64T

  • SUSE 9.3 x86, Opteron, EM64T

  • RHEL3 AS/ES/WS x86

  • RHEL4 AS/ES/WS x86


For Firefox policies to be available, the GConf-enabled version of Firefox provided with ZENworks Linux management release must be installed.


For NLD policies to be available, the NLD lockdown RPMs provided with the ZENworks release must be installed.

The client software installation uses the same installation source files and script as the server, although it is executed with a flag (-a) to indicate it is an agent-only installation.

Execute the following to install the client software:


Log in as root on the managed device.


From the directory you extracted the installation archive, run the following command to start the installation script:

 ./zlm-install -a 


During installation, you are asked to provide the DNS name or IP address of the ZENworks server that will manage this device.


Optionally, you can provide a registration key, which determines the naming scheme and assignments this device receives.

If no registration key is provided, the default registration rules are applied.

You can also register this device manually any time after the installation completes by using the command-line tool rug that is installed on the device. The command rug sl lists the services with which you have registered. The command rug sd # removes the service specified. The command rug sa URL registers the device to the specified service.

After the installation has completed, the ZENworks Management Daemon (zmd) is running on this client. Confirm this using the following command:

 /etc/init.d/novell-zmd status  

This status should be listed as running.

If you used the default registration, you can also verify that this device is listed in the ZENworks Control Center.

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