Use of Existing Databases

Out of the box, ZENworks Linux Management ships with the Postgres database. If you choose to use Postgres, ZENworks Linux Management automatically sets it up and installs it. This includes applying the schema.

In many enterprises, you may already have Oracle running and have trained Oracle database administrators. ZENworks Linux Management can also use Oracle 9i. You must have Oracle 9i running on a different server than the ZENworks server. Also, you need to take some other steps to configure Oracle 9i with ZENworks Linux Management.

Before installing the ZENworks server, first ensure that you have connectivity between the server on which you will be installing and the Oracle server. You also need to apply the ZENworks schema. Then, during the install of the ZENworks server, you will be prompted on the database you want to use. Choose Oracle 9i and enter the DNS or IP address of the database server. You can get more information about database setup in Chapter 3, "Installing ZENworks Linux Management."

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