Document Versioning

Document versioning is another powerful feature that can be configured for document libraries or picture libraries by a Site Administrator. It is off by default, but when this feature is turned on, SharePoint will create a version of the document when changes are made to it. Many organizations prefer this method of tracking changes to documents as opposed to hoping that users will remember to change the document version numbers, add their initials to the documents, or use Word's Track Changes feature.

To enable versioning in a library, follow these steps:


From within the library, in the left-hand menu click Modify settings and columns.


On the Customize Document Library page, click Change general settings.


On the Document Library Settings page, in the Document Versions section, click Yes under the Create a version each time you edit a file in this document library? option.


Click OK.

SharePoint will now create a new version of the document if one of several events occurs:

  • When a user checks out a file, makes changes, and then checks the file back in

  • When a user opens a file, makes additions, and then saves the file for the first time

  • When a user restores an old version of a file

  • When a user uploads a file that already exists, in which case the current file becomes an "old" version

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