Internet Security - A Jumpstart for Systems Administrators and IT Managers

Tim Speed

Juanita Ellis

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To Linda Speed my split apart. T.S.

To my dad, Charles Ellis. J.E.


Knowledge is based on many different facets what you know, knowing where information can be found, and who you know. The information in this book is a combination of all these facets. The data sources referenced in this book include references to people, URLs, and other books. But much of the knowledge that is in this book comes from very smart people. The people listed in this "acknowledgment" section did not necessarily participate in the writing of this book, but have influenced and guided me in my life that has culminated in this work. First and foremost I need to thank my wife for helping me with the book and providing some of the editing throughout the various chapters. Next I want to thank Johnny Speed, a great son that not only provided his support but also edited various chapters in this book. I thank my daughter Katherine for tolerating me during the months that I worked on this book. Next I want to thank my mother, Lillian Speed, for teaching me to "think big." Thanks to Ed Speed for the inspiration to keep publishing.

The authors thank CERT, via Sarah Strauss, for allowing us to republish the Cert Reporting Guidelines.

I am very grateful to Juanita Ellis for asking me to participate in writing this book. Special thanks to Julio G. Esperas Production Editor and to Merrill Peterson and Aaron Downey. Thanks to Theron Shreve for publishing this book. Special thanks to Lotus/IBM (and ISSL), Mark Steinborn, and Jack Shoemaker for allowing me to coauthor this book. Thanks to John Kistler for reading this book before publishing. Many thanks to Katherine Spanbauer, for keeping me in the company security loop.

Thanks to the following content authors:

A brilliant artist David DeGrand, provided the cartoons found at the beginning of each chapter.

Now to talk about the really smart people due to legal issues, the people listed below could not directly contribute to this book, but I have learned a lot from these people via work and their friendship:

Kelly Brooks, Don Nadel, Gregg Smith, Steve Robinson, Brian Baker, Chip Emmet, Chris and Rodger Williams, Robert Nellis, Tony Ollivier, Thomas Hellegers, Will Witten, Rufus and Lisa Woody, Ted Niblett, Sean Murphy, Carol Worthy, Bud Calkins, Jason Erickson, Loren Pusey, Barry Heinz, Bill Kilduff, Kevin Mills, Matthew Henry, Boris Vishnevsky, Brad Schauf, Paul Culpepper, Scott Souder, Baan Al-Shibib, Andrea Waugh-Metzger, Rick Sizemore, Greg Prickril, Chuck Smith, (The brilliant) David Byrd, Glenn Druce, Catherine Yang, Katherine Rutledge, Shawn Scott, Stan Logan, Paul Raymond, Charles Carrington, Aaloak Jaswal, David Little, Ron DiBiase, Ann Marie Darrough, Larry Berthelsen, Ted Smith, Craig Levine, Daniel Suster, Chris Cotton, Mike Faccioli, Mark Harper, Jeff Pinkston, George Poirier, Jordi Riera, David Via, Heidi Wulkow, Dave Erickson, David Bell, Mark Leaser, Gary Wood, David Attardo, Charles J. Lin, John Kistler, C. David Johnson, Jon P. Dodge, Luc Groleau, Mario Figueroa, Mary Joseph, Dee Fleming, Michael Dennehy, Andrew Nolet, Cindy Hopkins, Michael Lamparty, Mike Stover, Mary Laroche, Beth Anne Collopy, Zena Washington, Burk Buechler, Robert Thietje, Elie Winsbacher, Francisco Arroyo, Francois Nasser, Jason Andersen, John Wargo, Kenn Reed, Kim Artlip, Lakshman Srinivasa, Valerie, Kunert, Marlene Botter, Roy Hudson, Mike Dudding, Stephen Cooke, Ciaran DellaFera, Tom Agoston, Vahik Gharibian, Mike Kapfer, Jay Cousineau, Terence Gilbey, Chris Kergaravat, Wanda and Jesse Rodgers, Mike Confoy, Mike Kasher, Carl Baumann, Vadim Gringolts, William Crowell, Dr. Seshagiri Rao, and we cannot forget the very cool Barbara Robertson.

Finally, sorry if I missed you on this book, I will get you in the next. Sorry, Titus, you don't get an acknowledgment in this book.

Tim Speed

Internet Security(c) A Jumpstart for Systems Administrators and IT Managers
Internet Security: A Jumpstart for Systems Administrators and IT Managers
ISBN: 1555582982
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 103
Authors: Tim Speed, Juanita Ellis
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