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Whatever your feelings are about spam and spammers, mass marketing is going to remain an integral part of society. As ease of communication increases, more and more people will be forced into accepting the impersonal anonymity of spam. However, if spam could undergo a metamorphosis into an intelligent and targeted marketing tool, could the general populace grow to accept it?

Spam will always exist; legal legislation will always try to ban or prohibit the use of unsolicited marketing, but it will always have a place in modern society. Even if it is outlawed, there is simply too much profit to be made to completely forget about it. For years, drug runners have smuggled drugs into America. They know it’s illegal and they know the risks involved, but the financial reward is too great to turn down. Conditions are the same for spam. If someone offered you a chance to make $10,000.00, but this chance involved a slight risk, would you take it?

The logical answer would be to take the job sending the spam. Marketing is a reasonably small crime compared to murder or anything involving drugs. As long as spam is easy to send and the public still buys the product, more spam will be sent regardless of the medium used. The only reason you don’t see paper flyers in your mailbox for Viagra, is that the printing cost of the flyers and effort to deliver them far outweighs the possible return. Internet technologies are easy, fast, and seamless, which is why spam has flourished so well in the digital age.

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