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Case . . . When statement
Cells property (Excel)
chart sheets
charts (Excel)
code examples
     Access automation of Excel and Word
     add method example, Workbooks collection
     ADO connection
     array formula
     automation of PowerPoint production using Excel objects
     Button code
     calculating directions between MapPoint locations
     cancel button 2nd
     cells property, using to select a range
     changing queries based on a selection
     chart from scratch
     connect button
     Created Crosstab
     cycling through a multi-select list box
     data summary via PivotTable or SubTotal
     data, pulling from SQL Server to Excel
     data, pushing from SQL Server to Excel
     documenting form fields in protected Word documents
     edit button
     Excel application object, creating
         using late binding
     Excel automation of MapPoint territory maps using Access data
     Form on Open event
     List box after Update
     lookup and add center code
     looping through queries and tables via ADO, ADOX
     modify Excel data
     Offset, using to select a range
     OnDoubleClick event
     open method example, Workbooks collection
     parameter code
     parameter SQL
     PivotChart from PivotTable
     PivotTable automation
         external data, using
     procedure to open existing workbooks
         calling the procedure and returning results
     processing multiple workbooks
     processing Word documents in a folder
     profit model
     queries, creating
     queries, modifying
     range object, using
     report from scratch module
     reports, building in Excel using report format tables
     restricting locations to particular states
     SQL Server ActiveX script for automating Excel
     SQL Server crosstab stored procedure
     Text box after Update
     user form modification to code
     Word automation
     working with ranges
     worksheet button
     worksheets, adding
     XML files, reading as recordsets
     XML, saving recordsets as
     error detection
Columns property
     looping compared to
CopyMap method
crosstab queries
     Access VBA, creating with
     SQL Server, and

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Integrating Excel and Access
Integrating Excel and Access
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Year: 2005
Pages: 132

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