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Chapter 1

* Even though Windows 2000 doesn't run on the INtel 80386 processor (early versions of Windows NT did), for historical reasons, the x86 directories on the windows 2000 distribution media are still called i386. Thus, the x86 kernel debugger is called I386kd.exe.

Chapter 2

* If you look in the \I386\UNIPROC folder on a Windows 2000 CD, you'll see a file named Winsrv.dll&8212;although this file exists in a folder named UNIPROC, implying that there is a uniprocessor version, in fact there is only one version of this image for both multiprocessor and uniprocessor systems.

* As a historical note, the reason the Win32 subsystem process is called Csrss.exe is that in the original design of Windows NT, all the subsystems were going to execute as threads inside a single systemwide environment subsystem process; when the POSIX and OS/2 subsystems were removed and put in their own processes, the filename for the Win32 subsystem process wasn t changed.

Chapter 3

* Some threads might be waiting for more than one object, so they continue waiting.

Chapter 7

* Internally, the system working set is called the system cache working set. This term is misleading, however, because it includes not only the system cache but also the paged pool, pageable system code and data, and pageable driver code and data.

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