Chapter 1: The Need forComputer Forensics

In This Chapter

  • Defining computer forensics

  • Understanding corporate forensic needs Understanding law enforcement forensics needs

  • Training practitioners

  • Training end users

  • Assessing your organization's needs

Computer forensics is a fascinating field. As enterprises become more complex and exchange more information online, high-tech crimes are increasing at a rapid rate. The industry has taken off in recent years , and it's no surprise that a profession once regarded as a vague counterpart of network security has grown into a science all its own. In addition, numerous companies and professionals now offer computer forensic services. A computer forensic technician is a combination of a private eye and a computer scientist. Although the ideal background for this field includes legal, technical, and law enforcement experience, a myriad of industries use professionals with investigative intelligence and technology proficiency. A computer forensic professional can fill a variety of roles such as private investigator , corporate compliance professional, or law enforcement official.

This chapter introduces you to the concept of computer forensics, while addressing computer forensic needs from both sides-corporate policy and law enforcement. It will present some real-life examples of computer crime. It will help you assess your organization's needs and discuss various training methods used for practitioners and end users.

Computer Forensics JumpStart
Computer Forensics JumpStart
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