CCIE Practical Studies, Volume I

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CCIE Practical Studies, Volume I
By Karl  Solie
Publisher : Cisco Press
Pub Date : December 01, 2001
ISBN : 1-58720-002-3
Pages : 1366

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is the most difficult and most rewarding of the Cisco(r) certifications. Although the professional and financial benefits of a CCIE are excellent , attaining this level of certification takes years of experience, study, and effort. Serving a dual role of networking reference guide for configuring Cisco routers and preparation tool for the CCIE Lab Exams, CCIE Practical Studies , Volume I, is an ideal resource to help you achieve and earn the coveted CCIE designation.

CCIE Practical Studies , Volume I, provides you with the knowledge to assemble and configure all the necessary hardware and software components required to model complex, Cisco-driven internetworks based on the OSI reference model-from Layer 1 on up. Each chapter focuses on one or more specific technologies or protocols and follows up with a battery of CCIE exam-like labs for you to configure that challenges your understanding of the chapter topics and measures your aptitude as a CCIE candidate. The final chapter of the book provides five CCIE "Simulation Labs." These labs not only test your knowledge but your speed as well-a crucial aspect of the new one-day format of the CCIE exam. Among the many resources you will need to study for the CCIE exam, you will find CCIE Practical Studies , Volume I, to be an indispensable preparation tool.

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CCIE Practical Studies, Volume I
CCIE Practical Studies, Volume I
ISBN: 1587200023
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2001
Pages: 283
Authors: Karl Solie
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