Identify Yourself to Your Customers

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Building a relationship with your customers translates into satisfied buyers who return to your site (or eBay auctions) again and again. A basic step in building a relationship is establishing your identity; your customers need to know who you are and what you are about. Here are some ways PayPal can help you establish your identity:

  • Set the string that appears on credit card statements. When a buyer who funded her payment with a credit card opens her monthly statement, she will see a payment to PayPal. Unfortunately, some consumers have a notoriously short memory and might not recall using PayPal and a credit card to make a payment to your eCommerce site a month ago. To jog their memories, PayPal allows you to choose an 11-character string to be displayed on your customers' credit card statements. To edit this string, go to the Payment Receiving Preferences page (shown earlier in Figure 3-1) and enter up to 11 letters and numbers that will identify your business to your buyers.

  • Add appropriate email addresses. Your PayPal account can have up to eight email addresses listed, all of which can be used to receive payments. If you are running two or more separate businesses, each with its own identity or branding, you might want to add an email address for each one.

    If you import both organic coffee and hand-rolled cigars from Bolivia and would rather not be known to your coffee customers as a cigar outlet (or vice versa), you can set up two email addresses, such as and Each address can be used to receive payments to your single PayPal account, but without confusing your two brands to your probably mutually exclusive sets of customers. See [Hack #8] for more information on adding multiple email addresses to your account.

  • Customize PayPal's checkout process . See [Hack #51] for ways to customize PayPal's payment pages to match the look and feel of your web site.

If you're an eBay seller, see Chapter 4 for eBay-specific hacks.

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