Chapter 32. Paint Shop Pro Basics, Tools, and Preferences

Even as a digital artist and author on the subject of image manipulation programs, I never cease to be amazed when a new version of one of my favorite programs hits the store shelves . Just when I think the software couldn't possibly get any better, the engineers and programmers still come up with ideas and features that make me say "WOW!"


This chapter assumes that you have already installed Paint Shop Pro. You can get a free demo version at

That truly was the first comment out of my mouth when I ran the first beta copy of Paint Shop Pro 5, and it is still true for version 7. I can't believe the new features that have been packed into this already amazing piece of software.

With the success of Paint Shop Pro, and with the ever-growing popularity of the World Wide Web (and the need, therefore, for users to create their own Web-ready images), there is an increasing number of new users. Along with the increase in new users comes a need for material aimed at helping them get the most from the increasingly complex (yet still remarkably easy-to-use) Paint Shop Pro.

Now that version 7 has appeared, I believe that there is an even bigger need for more help and that a good Paint Shop Pro book is a must.

Version 7 of Paint Shop Pro truly moves this already fine product to a much higher level. With this version come many new features and options that represent new concepts. To use this latest version effectively, you ”the reader and digital artist ”must learn to use these new higher-level features.

Why do you and others like you use Paint Shop Pro? I believe that there are several reasons. Paint Shop Pro, even with its new list of high-end features, is relatively easy to use and carries a modest price tag. Many competing products can easily cost 8 to 10 times more.

Another attractive feature of Paint Shop Pro is its speed. Some users say that opening Paint Shop Pro and making a correction to an image is faster than working in some other imaging programs. Personally, I like some of the features in Paint Shop Pro that you just don't find in other software (one of my favorites is the Hot Wax filter).

As you read this book and become more familiar with Paint Shop Pro, I'm sure you'll find reasons of your own that make your experience with this fun-to-use, powerful paint program a great one.

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