Editing Links

You can change anything about a link: the link text, the URL, the type of link, and more. That's handy if you decide to change the wording of the link text or if you need to update a link when the URL of the page it leads to changes:

  • To change link text, just edit the text any way you want. Usually, the link behind the source is undisturbed by the editing. If, after editing the source, you see that the link is gone or that it is not connected any more to the exact words you want, just highlight the text and re-create the link.

  • To change the URL or any other "behind the scenes" aspect of a link, right-click the link and choose Link Properties from the menu that appears (see Figure 23.15). On the dialog box that appears, change what needs changing, and click OK.

    Figure 23.15. To edit a link, right-click it and choose Link Properties.


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Sams Teach Yourself Internet and Web Basics All in One
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