Chapter6.Managing your Gear, and your Photos, on the Road

Chapter 6. Managing your Gear, and your Photos, on the Road

Don't forget to shoot pictures of the people you're with, especially any guides you use. This photo of a mountain guide who was helping Reed Hoffmann and his group was taken in the Patagonia region near Bariloche, Argentina. Hoffmann underexposed the scene to get a rich blue sky. (Photo by Reed Hoffmann)

Digital photography has opened up new possibilities for the travel photographer. Eliminating film from the equation has meant lighter travel bags, fewer worries about such hazards as heat or airport x-rays, and greater freedom to adapt to changing photographic conditions.

But while digital photography liberates you from nearly every limitation of film, the digital workflow introduces new logistical hurdles. And while the freedom of digital allows you to shoot more images than ever, now you may return home with thousands of pictures.

You might think that it will be easy to locate that shot of the Buckingham Palace guard sneezing, but when a year has passed and your hard drive is cluttered with countless images, it will be more difficult than you think. What you need is a good, easy system for managing your images. Luckily, professional photographers have come up with simple solutions to the file-management dilemma. Back in your hotel room, you need only a few minutes to take care of a whole day's worth of images.

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