Chapter 6: Manipulating Controls on Forms

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In this chapter you explored several of the many objects and properties with which you can manipulate code in the text editor. There are others, and you will see some of them in Chapter 6 when I discuss the manipulation of forms and controls.

Once again, you added new functionality to the desktop add-in that you have been developing. At the same time, you added to the library of reusable objects that you will use throughout the development of add-ins. Finally, you looked at ways to manipulate the various tool windows in the IDE.

In Chapter 6 you'll learn how to create a Windows application and add a form with associated controls. You'll also manipulate the various properties of the controls, including resizing and repositioning, programmatically from an add-in.

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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio  .NET
Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
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