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This appendix lists the major extensibility (automation) objects that you need to use to write fairly complex add-ins. The extensibility object model is extremely large in .NET. It is very probable that some objects have been overlooked or missed in this compilation.

I group the objects by functionality type and then alphabetically within the type. I don't attempt to list all of the properties, methods, or events associated with the respective objects. This appendix is simply an attempt to provide a quick reference to extensibility objects and a summary of their functionality. It is meant to provide you with a place to start to find what you need in MSDN. MSDN is very large and covers approximately 3,400 classes. This appendix extracts a small subset of those objects to provide you with a springboard into MSDN for information related to extensibility.

I have created some fairly complex add-ins through the course of this book. At the same time, I have used only a small number of the objects, collections, and interfaces from the very large extensibility model. This should illustrate that you do not need to concern yourself with all of functionality of the extensibility model in order to automate most of the everyday tasks you encounter in the development process.

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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio  .NET
Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
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