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Build Objects

You can programmatically build projects and solutions from an add-in or macro by using the Build object.

BuildDependency (Object)

The BuildDependency object represents all of the projects that the specified project depends on.

BuildDependencies (Collection)

This collection contains all of the BuildDependency objects in the solution.

BuildManager (Object)

To manage portable executable files produced by custom tools, third-party developers can use the BuildManager object. For more information, refer to the "Introduction to the BuildManager Object" page in MSDN.

Configuration (Object)

The Configuration object relates to all of a project or project item's properties that are dependent on Build Configuration objects.

ConfigurationManager (Object)

The ConfigurationManager object is a matrix of project and platform configuration names. Configuration objects comprise the elements of the matrix. Check the "Properties, Methods, and Events" link for this object in MSDN for a full description of the usage of this object. Also, be aware that not all languages are supported by configuration objects.

Configurations (Collection)

The Configurations collection contains the Configuration objects. Each configuration object relates to the properties for a project's configuration name and platform.

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