What Are Validation Controls?

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The ASP.NET validation controls all inherit from the ValidationControl object, which itself inherits from the Control object. As you will see, one of the greatest things about the .NET Framework is its extensibility, allowing developers to build upon and extend existing objects to create better, richer objects. This is exactly what Microsoft has done with the validation controls that ship with ASP.NET. Each of these controls includes three parts , a client-side HTML representation of the control, client-side script, and server-side code.

The client-side script used is JScript/JavaScript, and the validation controls use the function library installed under the webroot folder in the /_aspx/[version]/script/WebUIValidation.js file for their client-side validation. This file is important to know about if you ever need to enable validation on a custom control you create, or want to customize the client-side behavior of a particular validation control. We will examine how these three separate parts of the control work together to help make validating user input simple and easy.

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