GoLive's Color Settings dialog box enables you to specify which color profile you'd like to use to display color in GoLive. For most folks, the default settings work fine. However, if you're working in an environment where an active effort is being made to manage color, you may want to customize the color settings used in GoLive. A dissertation on color management systems (CMS) is beyond the scope of this book, but you can find instructions on how to use the Adobe Creative Suite's color synchronization in Chapter 1, "Creative Suite 2 Basics."

Follow these steps to work with the Color Settings dialog:


Choose Edit, Color Settings to display the Color Settings dialog, as shown in Figure 34.16.

Figure 34.16. The GoLive Color Settings dialog.


Select color settings from the Settings pop-up list. Choose Custom from the list if you want to create your own settings.

If you selected Custom from the Settings list and indicated your own settings using the options in the Color Settings dialog, your color settings are no longer synchronized with the rest of the Creative Suite applications (see Figure 34.17).

Figure 34.17. Custom color settings must match those for all the other Creative Suite applications to be synchronized.


Click OK after you set your color settings.

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Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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