Using Capture Last Take (Logic Pro Only)

Capture Last Take as Recording is one of those little features that endear Logic to its users. Ever had a moment when you're jamming along to a track, and you realize you just played a perfect take but weren't in record? Then, after pulling the SPL back, pressing Record, and playing the take again, you don't quite do as well the second time. Or the third. Or the fourth. At those times, Capture Last Take as Recording can be a song saver!

Capture Last Take as Recording automatically prints the MIDI notes you've just been playing into the selected MIDI track. Logic maintains a log of all incoming MIDI events anytime its sequencer is playing. Because Logic keeps track of your performance, it's a simple matter to turn that performance into a MIDI RegionLogic just retrieves it from memory and prints it into the Arrange window.


The Transport window's memory display shows you how much memory is available. If you jam along on your MIDI keyboard as Logic plays, you'll notice this number decreases with every key pressed, because each incoming MIDI event is stored in memory in case you need to recall it using Capture Last Take as Recording.

Capture Last Take as Recording is only available to Logic Pro users, and you must set up a key command to use it. Let's do that now, and then experiment.


Press Option-K.

The Key Commands window opens.


In the top right corner of the Key Commands window, type Capture into the search field.

Capture Last Take as Recording is listed under Global Commands.


Select the Capture Last Take as Recording key command.


Click the Learn by Key Label button.


Press Cmd-K (think of it as "Command-Keep").

Cmd-K is assigned as the key command for Capture Last Take as Recording.


Close the Key Commands window.


Make sure that an empty track is selected in the Arrange window.

Once again, we are only experimenting with this feature, sowithout recordinglet's just play a MIDI Region in an empty track for the moment. You'll delete it in a few steps.


Press the spacebar to start Logic's sequencer.


Play your MIDI keyboard for a few bars.


Stop playback.

There is currently no MIDI data in the empty track. Not for long.


Press Cmd-K.

The played MIDI notes are printed as a MIDI Region. How cool is that?


Delete the new MIDI Region.


Capture Last Take as Recording works only for incoming MIDI events. It does not work for incoming audio.

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