Adding Audio Files to the Arrangement

All right, enough with the background infolet's have some fun by beginning the arrangement!

Adding audio to the Arrange window is a simple matter of dragging Audio Regions out of the Audio window and dropping them onto Arrange window tracks. However, if you drag more than one Audio Region at the same time, you should be aware of some extra options. We'll start by dragging a single file into the Arrange window, then look at the differences that occur when you drag multiple files all at one time.


From the Audio window, drag the HH Region and drop it onto the Arrange window's HH track at exactly 1 1 1 1.


As you drag the file into the Arrange window, watch the info box under the Arrow tool. The display in the bottom left corner of this box tells you the exact bar, beat, division, and tick at which the Region will drop.

Dragging a single Region into the Arrange window operates exactly as you'd expect, so what happens if you drag in two or more Regions at once?


In the Audio window, press the Shift key and select both the Kick and Snare audio files.

For this trick to work, it is very important that you select the thin horizontal beams representing the audio files, and not the Regions.


In one fell swoop, drag both audio files over the Arrange window and drop them on the Kick track at 1 1 1 1.

The Add Selected Files to Arrange dialog appears.

This dialog controls how multiple files are added to Arrange window tracks. You saw this dialog first in Lesson 3, "Understanding Workflow Techniques," when you used Logic's Multiple File Import function with the Arrange window. Well, here it is again, and it works exactly the same way.


If you need more information about the Add Selected Files to Arrange dialog options, refer back to Lesson 3.


The target tracks already exist as named tracks in the Arrange window, so from the Add Selected Files to Arrange dialog, select the "Use existing tracks" option and click OK.

An Alert dialog pops up to tell you two files will be added to the arrangement.


Click OK.

The Kick Region is added to the Kick track, and the Snare Region is added to the Snare track. Now that's a real time saver!

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