Special thanks to Patricia Montesion for providing the guidance that grew the Apple Pro Training Series. Thank you, Gerhard Lengeling, for supporting this book so strongly.

Kirk Paulsen, your guiding influence is felt, if not seen.

Serena Herr, thanks for understanding your authoryou are the Queen of Cool. Would my editor, Whitney Walker, please stand up and take a bow. I must also thank my friends at Apple, the people that make this job not just fun, but also worth living: Vidas Neverauskas, Bob Hunt, Phil Jackson, David Dvorin, Jessica Steigerwald, Bill Forester, Brian Schmidt, Don Steele, Margaret Tinsley, and Victor Alexander.

Of course, my fellow lead trainers deserve immense recognition: Adam Green, Steve Martin, Abba Shapiro, Damian Allen, Mary Plummer, and Diana Weynand.

I'd like to thank DJ Drivetrain (Derrick Thompson), Donald Glaude, DJ Czech, and Tyler Stadius for their friendship over the years, and also for inspiring me through music.

And finally, for pushing me down the path that brought me herefor making me musically what I am todayI must thank DJ Rennie "Dubnut" Foster, Scott Newton, Matt Densham and Sally Malloy, Luca De Cotiis, David and Allison Meyer, Jay Lev, Jon V., Levi, Matty, David Tillson, James Boatman, Nigel Tasko, Barnabus Clark, German Mike, DJ Davie, Degree, Lori the Hi-Fi Process, Koosh, Tiger D'hula, Dimitri, Sherwood, Bill-e, and all the other DJ/producers that made Victoria the place to be … way back in the mid-'90s.

    Apple Pro Training Series Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7
    Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7
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