Short for decibels, a measurement that relates the relative change in the volume of audio. Audio Objects have level meters that display playback or input monitor levels in decibels.

digital audio workstation (DAW)

A computer that records, mixes, and produces audio files.

Digital Factory

A suite of digital signal processors in the Sample Editor. It can time-compress or time-expand an Audio Region, change its pitch, add groove or swing to a machinelike audio loop, or alter its sampling rate. The Digital Factory functions are destructive, permanently changing the source audio file.

digital signal processing (DSP)

In Logic, the mathematical process of manipulating digital information to modify sound. An example is in the Inserts area, which assigns DSP effects such as dynamic range compression and delay to a channel's sound.


A process of reducing an audio signal from a higher-bit resolution to a lower one.


A software program that allows your computer to communicate with another piece of hardware.

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