Commerce Server 2002 Documentation Resources

Commerce Server 2002 Documentation Resources

For more information on Commerce Server 2002, see the following documents and Web sites:

Commerce Server 2002 Documentation Resources

Document Description Location
Commerce Server 2002 product documentation on Microsoft TechNet Web site. Product documentation available online.
Commerce Server 2002 Developer Resources Describes how to administer, troubleshoot, extend, and program with Microsoft Commerce Server 2002. Also describes how to develop, deploy, and manage commercial Web sites.

Site contains white papers and technical articles, press releases, information on migrating from Site Server, and an online version of the developer documentation found in the Platform SDK. Also contains links to newsgroups, downloads of performance tools, and a way to order the Commerce Server 2002 Resource Kit.

This can be found in the Microsoft Platform SDK

Commerce Server 2002 Solution sites The Retail Solution site and Supplier Solution site are downloadable development reference sites that provide merchandising, catalog display, customer service, and order capture and receipt capabilities used for building e-commerce sites.
Commerce Server 2002 home page Contains product overview, pricing and licensing information, downloads of service packs, and trial copies of various versions of Commerce Server 2002.

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