How much developer effort will be required to implement a supplier solution will depend on whether or not the supplier is going to implement a remote shopping Web site, and if so, whether or not the AFS Solution Site comes close to meeting their needs. If the answer to the first condition is yes, that remote shopping is part of the scenario, and the answer to the second condition is no, that the AFS Solution Site is not the right implementation, then a significant amount of implementation effort will be required. Unfortunately, the scope of that effort and the various directions it might take are far beyond what can be effectively discussed here.

Instead, this section provides a glimpse at what was involved in converting the Commerce Server 2000 Retail Solution Site into the AFS Solution Site by using two distinct approaches. The first approach, in the following sub-section, will examine the routine htmRenderBasket that is found in three different pages in the AFS Solution Site. The second approach, in the next sub-section, will provide an overview of the files that were modified and the new files that were added in the course of converting the Retail Solution Site to the AFS Solution Site.

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