Supported Document Formats

Supported Document Formats

Out of the box, AFS is capable of receiving purchase orders in the 3.0 version of the xCBL format and in the 1.1 and 1.2 versions of the cXML format, which together provide interoperability with several dominant marketplace and procurement application vendors: Commerce One, Ariba, and Clarus. Possessing this capability amounts to including pre-built BizTalk Server maps for transforming each of these three source formats into the destination XML format. Developers can edit the maps to support additional formats and new versions of these formats using the BizTalk Mapper application.

Because Commerce Server includes a rich transaction database, AFS chose the Commerce Server Order XML format as the destination format. Specifically, version 1.0 of that format, available in Commerce Server 2000 and later, serves as the destination XML format for AFS.

In summary, AFS provides maps for the following purchase order transformations:

Source XML Format Destination XML Format
cXML 1.1 OrderRequest Commerce Server Order XML v1.0
cXML 1.2 OrderRequest Commerce Server Order XML v1.0
xCBL 3.0 Order Commerce Server Order XML v1.0

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