Answering the following questions will reinforce key information presented in this chapter. If you are unable to answer a question, review the appropriate lesson and then try the question again. Answers to the questions can be found in the appendix.

  1. The lead IT administrator from Wide World Importers' Vancouver branch office decides to direct traffic from his network directly to the Internet without going through the firewall and the Proxy Server at the head office in Washington, D.C. As the head security administrator for all of Wide World Importers' enterprise network, how could you enforce the organization's policy that traffic must pass through the firewall at the Washington office?

  2. As the head security administrator for Wide World Importers, you decide to grant limited Internet access to employees at the Mexico City branch office. How could you apply a different security policy (enforcing the High security setting for all Internet browsing) to employees at that office?

  3. A new protocol has been developed that allows Internet users to search for pirated DVD-format movies and trade them with any of thousands of participating users on the Internet. As security administrator for a movie distribution company, list some reasons that you might want to prohibit this activity in your Internet acceptable use policy.

  4. How could you have prevented the widespread use of the new protocol for downloading DVD-format movies on your network, given that your security policies were written before this protocol even existed?

  5. An employee at your software company picks up a worm virus from the Internet that allows hackers to penetrate the corporate firewall and steal source code for your next major product release. The employee wasn't running the most current virus scanning software. How can you help prevent similar attacks in the future?

  6. A network administrator has found that several people in the marketing department have received new computers in the last month and have lost the ability to connect to an NNTP news server that they used to use. The users are still able to connect to Web pages. What's the probable cause of this problem?

  7. A laptop user in your organization reports that she can no longer access the Internet when she connects from home to her personal ISP. When she's connected to the corporate network, everything works as required, whether she's connected locally or connected to a modem at the corporate office. What's a possible reason for this?


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