If you are creating an Internet-related application, there are certain character-encoding and text-display challenges that you will likely encounter along the way because of the multilingual nature of the Internet. Fortunately, MLang implements various COM objects that offer solutions for these challenges. The object at the highest level is the MultiLanguage object, which is exposed by the IMultiLan-guage, IMultiLanguage2, and IMultiLanguage3 interfaces.

Specifically, MLang's APIs allow you to enumerate supported code pages and locales, to detect the character encoding and code pages that Web pages and e-mails use, and to convert text from one encoding and character set to another as part of an import or export operation. Finally, you can display characters that are not included within the font specified for parts of a page, through MLang's use of font linking. In short, MLang provides an effective and viable solution for handling the many international and multilingual character-encoding and display issues that are intrinsic to developing an Internet-related application.

Microsoft Corporation - Developing International Software
Developing International Software
ISBN: 0735615837
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Year: 2003
Pages: 198

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