How This Book Is Organized

The following is a brief description of the topics covered in this book.

Part I: Perl and Database Fundamentals

In this section you will learn the basics about using Perl to work with databases. When you finish this section, you should have a good, basic understanding of what modules to use and how to use Perl to manipulate databases.

Part II: Advanced Database Programming

This part takes you one step further. We'll introduce database programming for the Web, more advanced data access methods, and more tricks and techniques to make your programs more powerful.

Part III: Perl and Web Services

This part introduces you to some basic Web Services techniques. You will create a SOAP client and a SOAP server that can be accessed with any SOAP client, using any programming language.

Part IV: Perl and General Web Programming

This part is designed to solidify your knowledge. In it, we cover more advanced, real-world database applications so that you can hone your newfound skills.

Perl Database Programming
Perl Database Programming
ISBN: 0764549561
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Year: 2001
Pages: 175

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