Chapter 2. Data Types

From chapter's 1's HelloWorld program, you got a feel for the C# language, its structure, basic syntax characteristics, and how to write the simplest of programs. This chapter continues to discuss the C# basics by investigating the fundamental C# types.

Until now, you have worked with only a few primitive data types, with little explanation. In C#, thousands of types exist, and you can combine types to create new types. A few types in C#, however, are relatively simple and are considered the building blocks of all other types. These types are predefined types or primitives. The C# language's primitive types include eight integer types, two floating-point types, a high-precision type, one Boolean type, and a character type. This chapter investigates these primitives, looks more closely at the string type, and introduces arrays.

Essential C# 2.0
Essential C# 2.0
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